How energy efficient are Daybreak homes?

The marketplace continues to demand more energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction processes and Daybreak has risen to meet and exceed these demands - without the added cost of expensive Green Marketing Programs. Daybreak Homes’ exceed Washington State Energy Code standard and are signed, sealed and delivered packed with insulation R-Values ranging from R-21 in the walls, R-30 floors and up to R-38 in the ceilings. Our homes are wrapped with DuPont Tyvek house-wrap, sealed and meticulously caulked. Windows are installed with Low-E glass. Our standard HVAC units have an efficiency of 7.7 HSPF and 13 SEER rating, representing a 30 percent increase from historical minimum energy efficiency requirements. Our homes are equipped with time controlled fresh air intake systems and all ducting is Mastic sealed to improve indoor comfort and air quality.

Our motto speaks for itself: "What you do, do good, and keep the process simple."

Marketing under specific “green” labels often adds thousands of dollars to the price of a home. Green marketing programs require expensive advertising rights, certifications, extra staffing and added overhead. It is the end user—you the Buyer—who pays for this additional marketing expense. Click the links below to learn more.